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At 99types, we hold the belief that nurturing our homes leads to them nurturing us in return. This conviction drives us to create products that amplify the essence of your home, all tailored to reflect your unique personality.

We aren't seasoned experts from the textile industry; rather, we were once individuals much like yourself, in pursuit of something beautifully straightforward: a source to procure exquisitely distinct products with a modern flair.

Embedded within our approach are four fundamental values that serve as the bedrock of our endeavors:

1. Unparalleled Products

Quality reigns supreme in our realm. Every product undergoes rigorous quality assurance, as we join hands with top-tier factories across the globe to bring them to life.

2. Enhanced Experiences

We firmly believe that shopping should be effortless and devoid of complications. Thus, we've shouldered the complexities for you, offering a curated selection that prioritizes quality over quantity.

3. Personalized Care

Our focus revolves around exceptional service, ensuring that the products we offer perfectly align with your desires. If you can't find what you're seeking, don't hesitate to reach out. Our 24/7 customer support is dedicated to addressing any inquiries.

4. Streamlined Supply Chain

By trimming away unnecessary layers of cost, we bring forth unbeatable value directly to you. This commitment to efficiency enables us to deliver optimal quality without inflated prices.

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